Here at Edinburgh Belly Dancing we can perform or teach at a wide variety of events to suit your needs and will accept bookings all over the UK. Our experienced teachers and dancers have an exciting and captivating dance style which can add a colourful highlight to any event.

  • Performances
  • Workshop & Taster Sessions
  • Corporate & Promotional Events
  • Hen & Weddings Parties
  • Salsa Hen Parties

workshops or Hen parties can be booked for 1-2 hrs we offer special Hen party packages in both belly dance and Latin dance.
We also can be hired for performances and demonstrations at a wide range of events just ask!. We can offer Troupe performance as well as solo performances.
We are also available for weddings and corporate events.

We can also do demonstrations and workshop sessions, and can tailor the session to suit your needs. These sessions/workshops are great for hen parties (which we offer a special hen party package), groups of friends, corporate groups and many more (we do not, however, do Stag Parties). We can provide props and costume elements such as scarves and coin belts.

We can also do special performances at weddings, parties and publicity events which might require models and dancers.

Please contact us for more information or to hire us for your event.