Tuesday courses for Βeginners and Intermediate classes starting Tuesday the 23rd of April 9x weeks /6weeks course   @ St Brides Studio
Thursday Advanced styling course 25th April 12x weeks/6 weeks @ Medusa studio

Tuesday Classes: At St. Brides Center, 10 Orwell Terrace

Thursday Classes: At Medussa Hairdressing, The Studio Below, 26 Bread st. EH3 9AF

Course Information and Time Table

Tuesday classes @ St Brides Centre7-8PM Foundations of Belly dance Courses, The belly basics course Full/half courses & Taster classes.

The Basic Belly Dance courses cover 12 foundation movements, and gradually build around the basic technique, developing layers of movements, travelling steps and arm and hand manipulations. The class improves overall fitness posture and suppleness.
This class is aimed at beginners and can be taken as a refresher course

730PM-9PM 90 minute classes Intermediate Techniques courses full/half courses

This course aims to build around the foundations of belly dance, with Technical variations and more in depth layering and travelling patterns. The classes focus on breaking down specific movements and building on existing experience in Orientale belly dance.
We also cover veil, basic drum rhythms and musical expression and drills exercises.
Tuesday classes offer improver/intermediate students the option of the 2 hr express pass which allows you the option of attending both hours of the Tuesday classes, which is especially useful for students with previous experience and who wish to fast track there learning.

Thursday Advanced courses 630pm-8pm 90 min @Medusa hair salon (The studio below) full/half courses

The Advanced styling course is for students with at least 2 years’ experience in Orientale belly dance
The courses cover Technical layering movements, Advanced styling and patterns, isolations Drills exercise, this class is faster paced and includes performance preparation and choreography’s ,there is also opportunity to join our performance dance troupe in live shows and demonstrations.
Students booking the Advanced styling courses are encouraged to book the Multi pass course option which allows students to attend both Tuesday 730-9pm Intermediates class & Thursday Advanced styling class, this gives maximum learning and value.

Specialist 2 hr focus workshops.

We offer focus workshops in learning about live percussion and Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms. These Workshops are a fantastic addition to your weekly classes!
Giving students deeper knowledge and understanding of musical interpretation and specific Drum rhythms giving students a deeper understanding of Arabic music ,The workshops also aim to give students experience of dancing to the Darbuka Drum & And can include the learning of dance sequence’s accompanied by live percussion.
Focus workshops 2x hrs Saturdays contact us for up and coming dates!!
Bookings for Event Hire for party’s and Special performances at weekends are taken throughout the year contact us now for booking availability.